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Journey Down the Rabbit Hole - RAWacting + Special Discount Code

RAW is a very important part of our production of Rabbit Hole... for MANY reasons. 

Raw, honest performance is what every artist strives for. Following instincts, connection, truth and electric chemistry is something that each of our featured actors have in common. And that is thanks to Rooney Actors Workshop aka RAW studios.

Owner, Sophie Ann Rooney has quickly become one of Toronto’s top acting coaches. Her scene study, on-camera and advanced Bar classes at RAW are consistently filled every session with some of Toronto's hottest talent. With new students joining the RAWactors family each session, the name RAW is become very well known throughout the industry for top working artists. More information on classes at RAW can be found HERE.

Sophie teaches the Strasberg method as well as influences from her years teaching and training in Europe’s most reputable establishments. In addition to her coaching, she is an award winning director and co-director of Sterling Theatre company. You can read more about Sophie HERE

The journey to Rabbit Hole actually began in RAW's Tuesday Night Industry class. Lindsey, Tyler and myself were all assigned scenes from the play and we instantly fell in love with story and our characters. In true Sophie fashion, we were given amazing challenges to help us get find the truth in our work.

A personal favourite was when Lindsey and I went on a "sister date" in true Izzy and Becca form! I (the Type A, control freak, older sister) dragged my wild child, younger sister out to paint pottery. Naturally, Lindsey left her purse in a coffee shop and had to run out in the middle of pottery to find it. That day proved that the characters just seemed to fit us so perfectly.

Fast forward to a year later, with two new RAW actors (Rhea & Nathan) in the mix we were getting ready to jump into rehearsals. In order to prep for a quick rehearsal process with Sophie, we took it upon ourselves to do some homework of our own. Sensory work, dates, interviews with BFO group leaders, shopping, chocolate binges and family dinners all seemed like a natural part of the process when approaching the work with like minded actors. 

Sophie has helped us develop all aspects of our relationships with each other and with the story and has given us the freedom to play. It's unlike any rehearsal process I've experienced before. Each night will be a new adventure... you may want to get multiple tickets for this one, because you'll never see the exact same show twice.

FOR TODAY ONLY use the promo code: RAWacting to get tickets for Rabbit Hole for only $15!!! Get your tickets HERE and be sure to use your promo code.


*** We want to say a special thank you to Sophie for opening up this wonderful space for us to hold our rehearsals in. It's been an awesome ride so far.