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Journey Down the Rabbit Hole - Meet Lindsey Middleton

Lindsey Middleton is best known for playing Vanessa on the internationally award winning, Toronto based web series, Out With Dad. Lindsey also co-produced her own spin off series called Vanessa’s Story and recently won the 2015 IAWTV Award for Best Female Performance in a Drama for her role. 

Lindsey is also a very active member in the Toronto theatre community. A graduate of U of T Mississauga and Sheridan College's Theatre and Drama Studies Program, a co-funder of Well Fought Theatre Company and Theatre By Committee. Lindsey recently starred in Theatre By Committee’s remount of FAITH and be sure to look for her in the new IPF winning web series Squadron 86.

Lindsey has also co-created a brand new documentary web series HappyHer focused on sharing women’s stories about happiness from all over the world. To watch some exciting news about their upcoming adventure click HERE.

Exclusive Interview with Lindsey who plays Izzy. 

1. What drew you to this story? 

How it can make you laugh and cry in the same sentence, I believe that is the best story telling.

2. Tell me a little bit about your character. 

Wild Child Izzy. A bit of a "fuck up" (in her own words) and an unpredictable, wild child that I am so excited to play!

3. How are you similar/ different to your character?  

I enjoy a party as much as the next person (maybe a little bit more than the next person), but Izzy and I definitely differ in her lack of direction. I've also been very focused on what I want to accomplish, though it is good to let go and have fun. Maybe Izzy will teach me something valuable. 

4. What has been the biggest challenge so far tackling the subject matter involved in the play? 

We all want to do it justice, and if you can't do a character justice then why do it at all?

5. Why do you feel this is an important story to tell? 

I think it is important to share stories and talk about the hardships in your life. For years I believed that "loose lips sink ships", but now I'm all about sharing, learning and understanding people through their and my own stories of what makes us the people we are, whether that be the good or the bad.

6. Do you have a favourite rehearsal memory yet? 

All the dinner rehearsals. I get to eat so much in this show and rehearsal. Who doesn't like that?

You can follow Lindsey on Twitter and Instagram and check our her IMDB page HERE. Be sure to also her HappyHer adventures HERE!


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