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Countdown to our NOT Another TIFF Party Fundraiser

DAY #7 - I know that I'm not the only artist guilty of getting caught up in the dangerous "actor mind taffy" spiral. That negative headspace that creates crippling, self doubt and anxiety. It entices us to play that dreaded "compare/despair" game and creates that oh so horrible bitterness that stifles any creativity from surfacing. 

For those of you feeling frustrated or stuck in limiting patterns of behaviour, responses or relationships. Or if you are looking for a deeper, clearer understanding of who you are or why your life is the way it is, then it's time to listen up and dive into THIS post.

Laura Biddle Psychic Medium and Channel, specializing in healing and clearing karmic patterns with shamanic techniques.

Laura Biddle
Psychic Medium and Channel, specializing in healing and clearing karmic patterns with shamanic techniques.

Laura Biddle, is one of those rare, beautiful souls that if you happen to stumble across in this life time, you should consider yourself lucky and I am so incredibly honoured to call her my friend.

Laura's journey into the healing arts did not begin without some hesitation, doubt, and fear. She has had the wonderful fortune of having been trained and mentored by some truly powerful and brilliant Shamans and healers.  These teachings, along with an awakening to various psychic abilities, has ignited within her a passion for teaching what she feels humanity is most hungry for, an empowerment to heal our deepest woundings and limiting patterns so that we might fully embody who we really are at our core. 

As a practitioner of Art of Life, Laura is a conduit for spiritual guidance, support, and healing.  The messages she is able to deliver bring to your awareness your deepest entrenched karmic patterns so that once and for all, you are able to move beyond them into a life of limitless potential.  

I am so very excited to be featuring this prize, as it's potential to make significant changes in your life path are limitless! Laura has donated an oracle reading to our raffle table and one lucky person will walk away with so much more than a gift certificate.

For a list of readings, meditations and sessions with Laura click here.

Be sure to read her blog posts for daily motivation. If you'd like to dip your toes in the water, Laura offers complimentary meditations as well as the chance to receive guidance on specific questions with her Spirit Speaks weekly blog post/video series.

Grab your LambLion Fundraiser tickets and be sure to join us at the event for your chance to win this life changing prize!

You can follow Laura for daily motivation on:

Twitter - @Roots4Wings

Instagram - rootsforwings

Facebook - Roots For Wings Healing