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Countdown to our NOT Another TIFF Party Fundraiser

DAY #10 - It's time to get up close and personal with LambLion!!! They will be performing 3 musical sets throughout the evening, so there are lot's of opportunities to get out and see them perform.


Make us your official, 2nd last day of TIFF party! BUT, if we must share you on the 17th, we can be your "pre-party" or "after-party" too!

The funds raised at this event will be going towards the production of LambLion's first music video, a concept that DwT and LambLion have been carefully developing together. They will be performing this coming October at Norfolk County Fair, one of Canada's largest fairs and the perfect setting for their original song "Maria Come".

LambLion is the musical duo that is Oliver Pigott and Danka Scepanovic. Their voices have been described as “familiar yet impossible to place; intimate and lyrically esoteric with an intoxicating chemistry.” Somewhere between old world class and 70's soul, LambLion exudes a majesty all their own. 

These exciting singer/songwriters are ready to bring their music to film and to share their stories in a new way. Here is a little preview of the song, "Maria Come" that will be the star of the music video.

NOW FOR THE GOODS... Oliver & Danka have created a custom raffle prize for the fundraiser. 

You can WIN a live Jam Session with Oliver & Danka from LambLion - Worth $350!!!
Join LambLion for your very own personalized jam!  Over the course of a 1.5 hour session, Oliver and Danka will jam with you on your favourite tunes.  You are welcome to bring your instrument of choice or your voice! Also, if you have any original songs you are working on, you can bring them to the session and workshop them with Oliver and Danka!  You will be provided with a mp3 recording of your session.  

Come celebrate TIFF with LambLion. Know that your donation is helping this incredibly captivating duo take a huge step in building their brand. And who knows, you just might walk away with an awesome prize (or two) Grab your tickets NOW!

Keep in touch with LambLion on Twitter - TheLambLionBand and Facebook - LambLion