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HERstory - Meet Our Team

We are so incredibly excited to announce that we are ONLY $500 away from our funding goal!

This means that we will be able to make this documentary the best possible quality it can be AND we will also be able to pay our phenomenal creative team an honorarium for their time.

EVERY SINGLE retweet, share, like, positive comment and donation (of ANY size) brings us one step closer to our finishing line. 

THANK YOU, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who has been championing and supporting this film so far. If this teaser video inspires you please check out our CAMPAIGN HERE


COURTNEY DEELEN - Producer & Director

COURTNEY DEELEN - Producer & Director

Courtney is a Toronto based actor often referred to as the sexy burnt marshmallow. She is a tough, no nonsense, lady boss with a heart of gold.  Courtney originally got into producing to create opportunities for herself to act in her dream roles and to tell the stories that were close to her heart. It turns out that she enjoyed having creative control so much that she now produces to help other emerging filmmakers bring their projects to life. HERstory is Courtney's first film that she fostered from a simple "hey I wonder if I could" idea and is thrilled to be bringing the entire piece to life. 

She lives to create stories that empower and stir up emotions in others and cant wait to showcase some of the amazing women who have inspired her throughout her life. 

You can check out her website HERE and follow her on Twitter & Instagram for some laughs.

DANIELLE THORN - Director of Photography 

DANIELLE THORN - Director of Photography 

A small-town girl with dreams of "working in the movies" makes the leap to the big city to make her dreams a reality. Upon further research of careers in film,  Danielle became fascinated by the idea of bringing your vision to life as a director, implementing that vision while inserting your own style as a cinematographer, or crafting a story through editing. A graduate of the Television and New Media Production Program at Loyalist College, she went on to create a web series called “The Four Amigos” which went on to win the 2013 BEAC Award for Best Video Web Based Production.

Danielle was an intern on the award winning web series “Out with Dad” and has since gone on to create her own project "The Creative Type". She is a freelance cinematographer, assistant camera, data management technician, editor, and assistant editor on other web series’, features and shorts, as well as corporate/commercial shoots, and music videos.

You can check out her website HERE and you can follow her on Twitter & Instagram.



Mike is an IATSE grip, currently working on ABC's Designated Survivor. He's been an A.C. and assistant editor on several independent wildlife films and has developed his creative skills shooting and editing a variety of low budget shorts and corporate projects. He is currently in pre-production for an exciting new web series, based on real events called "True Superhero" launching next spring.

He is a man of many hats... with experience lighting, rigging, editing, shooting, writing and providing all kinds of tech support. Mike is the kind of guy who strives to understand all aspects of a film set, being that person who can jump in to any position when a problem arises. 

You can follow him on Twitter HERE. 

AMANDA MATLOVICH - On Set Stills Photographer

AMANDA MATLOVICH - On Set Stills Photographer

Amanda started in product photography while still in film school and even though she had fun filming with a camera, photography was her first love. When she found on-set stills combines both of these passions, she knew she found her calling.

Amanda's equipment, coupled with her other photography experience, makes her perfect for shooting both on-set and studio quality images for promo and poster usage. Amanda has worked on some of the most exciting projects in Toronto's indie scene, including "Becoming Burlesque", "Jazz Hands" , "My Roommates an Escort" and "Mom's The Word".

You can check out her website HERE and follow her on Twitter & Instagram.



Charlotte Johnstone is a professional make up artist who's work travels her around the globe. She has provided stunning make-up for fashion shoots, runway shows, film, tv, weddings and personal photography sessions.

Charlotte's technical abilities leave her clients confident that they are walking out their best selves as she knows exactly how to showcase each person's unique features and style. Her incredibly infectious energy and warm personality bring an ease and comfort to set, leaving everyone that she works with feeling confident and beautiful to shine in their own skin.

She works regularly with photographer Lauren Vandenbrook of LV Imagery in order to showcase actors in their most authentic selves during their headshot sessions and also co-owns Union Weddings TO with hair stylist Johanna Hummer.



A Dean's List graduate of the Television and New Media Productions program at Loyalist College, Eric Metzloff hit the ground running when he arrived in Toronto in 2013. His love of Post Production quickly helped him gather a steady stream of clients from Chockablock Media Inc. to Serendipity Point Films.

His work has found it's way to on demand services such as Bell Fibe, and in festivals and Masterclasses around the world. A former Quality Control Operator at Deluxe Entertainment Services Group and current Ingest Coordinator at Zoomer Media Ltd, Eric is always known for staying busy and taking on new challenges. When he's not in the Edit Suite, he can be found working as a Producer on various projects such as 'The Latter' (2014), 'No Girls Allowed' (2015) and 'Viva Forever' (2017).

You can follow him here on Twitter & Instagram

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More Info about the LambLion Audition on Tuesday Sept. 27

More Info about the LambLion Audition on Tuesday Sept. 27

First off, thank you for checking out our next project "Maria Come" for the band LambLion. 

We are holding auditions at the Junior Farmers Building at the Fairgrounds from 6-8 on Tuesday, September 27th. 

What we are looking for is a core group of friends that we will be following through the fair with our lead couple as they see some peculiar things before and after they see the band playing on stage. 

No need to prep anything or stress about whats going to happen tomorrow night. 

It's going to be a fun, no pressure audition. Come ready to play a game and have some fun. As we're looking to cast 5 friends, we just want to see how you interact with each other, and see how well you take direction. 

So come ready to jump in!



If you are able to make it out to the shooting of the video on October 6th. 

 We would love for you to wear the following:

Fall colours: Browns, oranges, reds, greens, darker colors are great. 

Please no large logos. It's not that we have anything against teams or certain designers, it has to do with legal things and we want to make sure that we can release this video for everyone to see and not have it tied up in legal issues for 100 years. 

LambLion will be taking at the stage at 3:00pm and they are looking for a youthful crowd (16-35) to watch their live show. Unlike a traditional show, the camera crew will be on stage and in the audience getting some of the best shots of the band and the crowd.

LambLion has stressed to the filmmakers that they really want this video to show off the fair and the people of Norfolk in the best light possible. This is an inclusive project where everyone will get some screen-time while the gang and band travel through the fair.

For compensation, what we can offer is an exclusive link to the video to download and, if you are a high school student, the owners of DEELEN WITH TROUBLE / T.M.R. can sign off for your volunteer hours for the duration that you are helping out on this awesome project. 

Release forms will be available to sign at the audition and we thank you in advance for coming out and supporting our band and crew. 







Wow!!! What an incredible weekend! 

Thank you SO MUCH to all of the amazing people who came out to join us for our 1st NOT Another TIFF Party Fundraiser! We had a wonderful night celebrating LambLion's music with you all and we can't wait to keep you updated on our journey shooting their "Maria Come" music video next month.

And now to announce the winners of the evening:

The winner of DEELEN with TROUBLE's Demo Reel - #186613 Gwyn Jones

The winner of the JAM Session with LambLion - #186634 Taylor Lavigne

The winner of the Mini-Headshot Session with Jessica Rose Photography - #186631 Danny Parkes

The winner of the 5 Class Dance Card at Metro Movement - #186623 Caroline Sawyer

The winner of the Pink Bath & Body Works Gift Pack - #186628 Andra Gray

The winner of the Blue Bath & Body Works Gift Pack - #186638 Sara Price

The winner of the Oracle Reading at Roots for Wings Healing - #186627 Amanda Jane Smith

The winner of the Flex & Smash Fitness Package - #186624 Jess Rose

The winner of the Reiki or IET Session at Robin's Healing Nest - #186632 Sophie Ann Rooney

The winner of the Mini Headshot Session with Photo by JoH - #186622 Franck Fon

The winner of the $50 Shop_M Boutique Giftcard & Style Consult - #186635 Tyler McMaster

The winner of the Second City Tickets - #186620 Jemma Robinson

The winner of the Avoca Chocolate Shoe - #186619 Scarlett Larry

The winner of the $25 Giftcard to Rainbow Cinemas - #186604

The winner of the handmade necklace with blue/gold beads - #186613  Marlene Matos Jones

The winner of the handmade necklace with purple/gold beads - #186603 Marija Bozic

The winner of the Yoga Package with Studio Blue - #186618 Judith Nichols

The winner of the Personally DJ'd Party with DJ D-Rock - #186602 Biljana Scepanovic 

The winner(s) of the Smokin Beaver Winery social media contest  - Sam Hachey & Kelsey Wilmmott


AND THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER of Sophie Ann Rooney's 6 week Thursday Scene Study Class was.... 0027767 

If you were the lucky winner of this grand prize, please send us an email at with a photo of your ticket stub and we will post the winnner's name soon!


Thank you again to our amazing sponsor's and everyone who donated to our raffle table. We can't wait to see what next year's NOT Another TIFF Party will look like!










Countdown To Our NOT Another TIFF Party Fundraiser

DAY #13 - I'm gonna try to keep this one short and sweet because if you've been keeping up with our blog posts throughout this countdown, you already have a pretty good idea of who Deelen with Trouble is.

BUT let's dive into details about the raffle prize we're bringing to the table shall we?

First of all, let's get personal!

If you haven't already guessed, Mike and I are a team. A crazy, pair of creatives, who found each other on Plenty of Fish, got married and then decided to become an industry power couple. You can watch a sappy version of our journey HERE.

We bring over 25 years of experience in several areas of the performing industry and we LOVE what we do.

I'm the "Deelen" part ... like wheeeeel-en, Deeeeeel-en (for everyone struggling to pronounce my last name). I take care of the producing side and I am also an actor who writes. Because let's be honest, there's just not enough roles out there, so why not make my own?

Mike is the "Trouble".... with a capital T. Long story, but I'm sure Mama Burgess would love to share some stories with you. He drums up the exciting stuff and is our key Director & Writer. 

We both edit... the majority of the time we agree, sometimes we have to settle our differences with a duel and the loser must utter the healthy marriage motto "I'm sorry honey. You were right. BUT more importantly I was wrong".

What I'm getting at, is that we LOVE to tell stories. We LOVE to help other people's ideas come to life. We LOVE to collaborate and work with creative minds. And we refuse to take ourselves too seriously. 

Oh yea and our Director of Sales is a ball busting, red head named @GusMaxPuppykins

If you're looking to update your demo reel or if you haven't got one and don't know where to start, then make sure you get your butts to the LambLion Fundraiser so you can win a FREE demo reel made by DwT worth $350.00!

We believe that there is a real art to creating the perfect demo reel and we work closely with our clients to create on-brand, captivating reels that show off your work, tell the story of who YOU are and leave the viewer wanting more.

Let's make stuff!

While we've got your attention, make sure to check out and follow our stupendously talented producing partners @SamHachey and The Mind Refinery  @TheMindRefinery