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Wow!!! What an incredible weekend! 

Thank you SO MUCH to all of the amazing people who came out to join us for our 1st NOT Another TIFF Party Fundraiser! We had a wonderful night celebrating LambLion's music with you all and we can't wait to keep you updated on our journey shooting their "Maria Come" music video next month.

And now to announce the winners of the evening:

The winner of DEELEN with TROUBLE's Demo Reel - #186613 Gwyn Jones

The winner of the JAM Session with LambLion - #186634 Taylor Lavigne

The winner of the Mini-Headshot Session with Jessica Rose Photography - #186631 Danny Parkes

The winner of the 5 Class Dance Card at Metro Movement - #186623 Caroline Sawyer

The winner of the Pink Bath & Body Works Gift Pack - #186628 Andra Gray

The winner of the Blue Bath & Body Works Gift Pack - #186638 Sara Price

The winner of the Oracle Reading at Roots for Wings Healing - #186627 Amanda Jane Smith

The winner of the Flex & Smash Fitness Package - #186624 Jess Rose

The winner of the Reiki or IET Session at Robin's Healing Nest - #186632 Sophie Ann Rooney

The winner of the Mini Headshot Session with Photo by JoH - #186622 Franck Fon

The winner of the $50 Shop_M Boutique Giftcard & Style Consult - #186635 Tyler McMaster

The winner of the Second City Tickets - #186620 Jemma Robinson

The winner of the Avoca Chocolate Shoe - #186619 Scarlett Larry

The winner of the $25 Giftcard to Rainbow Cinemas - #186604

The winner of the handmade necklace with blue/gold beads - #186613  Marlene Matos Jones

The winner of the handmade necklace with purple/gold beads - #186603 Marija Bozic

The winner of the Yoga Package with Studio Blue - #186618 Judith Nichols

The winner of the Personally DJ'd Party with DJ D-Rock - #186602 Biljana Scepanovic 

The winner(s) of the Smokin Beaver Winery social media contest  - Sam Hachey & Kelsey Wilmmott


AND THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER of Sophie Ann Rooney's 6 week Thursday Scene Study Class was.... 0027767 

If you were the lucky winner of this grand prize, please send us an email at with a photo of your ticket stub and we will post the winnner's name soon!


Thank you again to our amazing sponsor's and everyone who donated to our raffle table. We can't wait to see what next year's NOT Another TIFF Party will look like!










Countdown to our NOT Another TIFF Party Fundraiser

DAY #17 - TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!!!

I'm gonna keep this one SUPER short, as I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off to complete all of the finishing touches for tonight's event.

All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart for any and everyone who gave their time, their resources, their talents to make this event as incredible as it can be!

Our goal was to make this an event that our guests would love to be a part of, and we can't wait for you to join us! Come check out Sophie ann Rooney' amazing, acting space that is our home for the evening RAW studio. Come get lost listening to LambLion's soulful music. Come try Smokin' Beavers award winning Frisky Beaver Wines.

Come mix and mingle with casting directors, indie filmmakers, producers, directors, musicians, actors, CREATIVES at all stages of their careers. And you get the chance to win some pretty amazing stuff!




P.S Even if you can't make it, we would still LOVE your support in funding LambLion's first music video... sooooo buy a ticket anyway. We will still put your name in the draw to WIN our grand prize. A $460.00 spot in Sophie Ann Rooney's (already close to full) Thursday Scene Study Class, for next session. I'd say that's a pretty damn good deal!





Countdown to our NOT Another TIFF Party Fundraiser

DAY #15 / Part 2 - Next up is all about Avoca Chocolates! 

If you haven't been in to visit this artisan shop yet, be sure to pop in the next time you grab groceries at the Carrot Common. Avoca, is a chocolate lovers DREAM!

Avoca, coming from the Irish word for 'sweet', is exactly that. A haven devoted to everything Chocolate and everything sweet. Lovingly made and crafted from the world's finest chocolate, Belgian Callebaut, Avoca offer treats for every taste pallet.

This adorable Toronto shop is located just off the Danforth on Hampton Avenue. Simeyn & Noni Fenby (a mother-daughter duo) founded the shop with an aim to give you the highest quality of products and to impart some of the love from their own home into the creations they offer.

Click HERE for directions  to plan your next visit to Avoca!

Click HERE for directions to plan your next visit to Avoca!

In addition to their stunning, handcrafted truffles, you can also try their homemade gelato and ice cream. Enjoy your cool treats on their beautiful patio and be sure to take a box of treats or one of their gorgeous chocolate sculptures home with you.

For a full list of delicious truffle flavours CLICK HERE!

Simeyn & Noni have generously donated this stunning, dark chocolate shoe to our raffle table! If you'd like to take home this decadent piece of art, come join us on the 17th! 

Be sure to follow them on Instagram -  avocachocolates 

And like their Facebook page - AVOCA



Countdown to our NOT Another TIFF Party Fundraiser

DAY #15 / Part 1 - Stay tuned for 2 mini blogs today, both featuring some incredibly mouth watering goodies!!!

First up is all about Honeybutter Desserts!

This online private dessert caterer's sweets are not only gorgeous to look at, they are decadently delicious as well! Grace Aragona's delicate designs are perfect if you looking to create a magazine worthy spread for your guests!

Perfect for weddings, showers, birthdays, corporate events and sure to please even the pickiest of clients we are absolutely thrilled to be serving her macarons to our guests at our NOT another TIFF party! 

As you can see Honeybutter Desserts offers a wide array of homemade designer treats. Gourmet cupcakes, classic tarts, adorable cake pops, cookies, brownies, gorgeous cakes and of course her delicate, perfect macarons. 

Come and try these scrumptious treats for yourself at the LambLion fundraiser Sept. 17th!

To order for your next event, contact Grace directly: and make sure that you follow Honeybutter Desserts on Instagram to see when the next Honeybutter Desserts pop-up store is near you!   



Countdown to our NOT Another TIFF Party Fundraiser

DAY #14 - I can't believe we are only a few days away!!! 

Our next prize, is one that anyone who loves to laugh (sooooo I'm assuming everyone) will want to get their hands on!

The Second City opened its doors on a snowy Chicago night in December of 1959, and has since grown to become the world’s premier comedy club, theatre and school of improvisation—with live shows every night in Chicago, Toronto and Hollywood.

So, what’s The Second City?
The Second City has been bringing the funny for over 50 years, but here’s the short version.
They began as a small comedy theater, and have grown to become today’s leading brand in improv-based sketch comedy. With a variety of theaters, training centers and full-time, touring ensembles, that you can find us all over the world. 

If it has to do with funny, The Second City literally does it all! Stand up, sketch comedy, improv... oh yeah and they offer training in all of these areas as well. Classes for adults, kids, professional actors or corporate 9-5 ers looking to break out of their shells.

Another special aspect that I love about The Second City is, that they are always finding ways to showcase their students. By offering several performance opportunities such as open mic nights, improv jams and student shows, participants are able to bring their training into practise in front of an audience.  

Thanks to the generosity of The Second City Toronto (and with special thanks to scheduling manager Liana Vieira) we've got 2 tickets up for grabs to their current main stage show Comes What Mayhem! 

All you have to do to win this pair of tickets is join us for our NOT Another TIFF Party Fundraiser and get your raffle tickets in the draw! 

To check out Second City Toronto's full line up of incredible shows coming up this season, click HERE 

And be sure to follow them on: 

Twitter - @SecondCityTO 

Instagram - thesecondcity

Facebook - @SecondCityTO






Countdown to our NOT Another TIFF Party Fundraiser

DAY #13 - BONUS BLOG!!!!

As promised, we've put together a quick video of the behind the scenes tour we got to take of our official sponsor Smokin' Beaver Winery home of Frisky Beaver Wines!

This tour is something that YOU can also take, all year long. After the tour, you can hang out in their gorgeous lounge and enjoy a tasting of their incredible selection of Frisky Beaver and Smoke & Gamble wines.

In addition to wine tasting in the lounge, Smokin' Beaver Winery also has a patio overlooking the winery where you can take in the amazing Port Dover atmosphere, enjoy a bite from local food trucks and take in live entertainment. 

This Port Dover gem is definitely a place you'll want to check out the next time you're looking to get out of the city! Get directions HERE 

Come taste Frisky Red, Frisky White and Blushing Beaver wines at our NOT Another TIFF Party celebrating RAW and LambLion on Sept. 17th!

We've an added BONUS PRIZE for everyone who comes out to the fundraiser!!!

Come enjoy a glass (or two) of our Frisky Beaver wines, then tell us all about it using our event hashtag #FriskyAtTIFF on Twitter & Instagram. 

Be sure to tag and follow @FriskyBeaver1 on Twitter and FriskyBeaverWines on Instagram and the social media guru who garners the most attention will win this Smoke & Gamble Reserve Wine gift box worth over $50.00!  

We can't wait to celebrate with you!



Countdown To Our NOT Another TIFF Party Fundraiser

DAY #13 - I'm gonna try to keep this one short and sweet because if you've been keeping up with our blog posts throughout this countdown, you already have a pretty good idea of who Deelen with Trouble is.

BUT let's dive into details about the raffle prize we're bringing to the table shall we?

First of all, let's get personal!

If you haven't already guessed, Mike and I are a team. A crazy, pair of creatives, who found each other on Plenty of Fish, got married and then decided to become an industry power couple. You can watch a sappy version of our journey HERE.

We bring over 25 years of experience in several areas of the performing industry and we LOVE what we do.

I'm the "Deelen" part ... like wheeeeel-en, Deeeeeel-en (for everyone struggling to pronounce my last name). I take care of the producing side and I am also an actor who writes. Because let's be honest, there's just not enough roles out there, so why not make my own?

Mike is the "Trouble".... with a capital T. Long story, but I'm sure Mama Burgess would love to share some stories with you. He drums up the exciting stuff and is our key Director & Writer. 

We both edit... the majority of the time we agree, sometimes we have to settle our differences with a duel and the loser must utter the healthy marriage motto "I'm sorry honey. You were right. BUT more importantly I was wrong".

What I'm getting at, is that we LOVE to tell stories. We LOVE to help other people's ideas come to life. We LOVE to collaborate and work with creative minds. And we refuse to take ourselves too seriously. 

Oh yea and our Director of Sales is a ball busting, red head named @GusMaxPuppykins

If you're looking to update your demo reel or if you haven't got one and don't know where to start, then make sure you get your butts to the LambLion Fundraiser so you can win a FREE demo reel made by DwT worth $350.00!

We believe that there is a real art to creating the perfect demo reel and we work closely with our clients to create on-brand, captivating reels that show off your work, tell the story of who YOU are and leave the viewer wanting more.

Let's make stuff!

While we've got your attention, make sure to check out and follow our stupendously talented producing partners @SamHachey and The Mind Refinery  @TheMindRefinery



Countdown to our NOT Another TIFF Party Fundraiser

DAY #12 - Today's post is another incredibly special one because it focuses on new ways to improve the overall health and wellness of our minds/body/spirit.

I'm so thrilled to be able to connect Robin's Healing Nest to our community of artists because as creatives our "instruments" are exactly that... our minds, our bodies and our spirits. 

I think we can all admit that; with hectic schedules, work that takes us on emotional roller coasters and more often than not, dealing with that little thing called rejection, our instruments take quite a beating!

Robin Gagliardi is an Energy Healing Practitioner with a master's certification in REIKI as well as a master's certification in INTEGRATED ENERGY THERAPY®. She is also one of the most generous, genuinely lovely people I have ever met. P.S she is my sister in law (I kinda hit the jackpot with this one)

You can read more about Robin and her journey HERE.

So, what is Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy®(IET)?

REIKI is a Japanese Technique for stress reduction and relaxation which promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on of the hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us, causing us to be alive. If this "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to feel stress, and if it's high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

If you'd like to read more about Reiki and it's ideology and benefits, you can continue HERE

INTEGRATED ENERGY THERAPY (IET) is a quick and powerful method for clearing energy blockages in the 9 sets of Integration Power Points. These points are acupressure like points, which when activated by IET energy vibration, trigger the quick and easy release of even the most suppressed cellular memories and emotions. 

Releasing these memories and emotions will release suppressed feelings, limiting thoughts/beliefs, and any aspects of yourself that can hold you back from living a fulfilling life.

If you'd like to read more about IET and it's incredible benefits, you can continue HERE

To book an appointment with Robin,  CLICK HERE

To book an appointment with Robin, CLICK HERE

Robin has generously donated your choice of either a REIKI session or an IET® session (each worth over $80) to our LambLion fundraiser.

The benefits of REIKI and IET® for artists is absolutely limitless! I hope if you are ever feeling stuck in your work, facing blocks in any aspects of your life, find yourself dealing with set backs in your health or if you find you are in a state of imbalance, that you reach out to Robin and see for yourself what this type of therapy can offer. 

Wanna get your first session for FREE??? Grab your NOT another TIFF Party tickets HERE



Countdown to our NOT Another TIFF Party Fundraiser

DAY #11 - It's time to talk fashion, and how YOU could win a personal styling consult at one of the trendiest stores in Toronto.

M Boutique offers something different.  It’s more than fashion at a price, it’s a lifestyle.
We believe in empowering women, embracing your curves and a shared love for all things fashion
We are a girl squad of #MBabes and fashion trendsetters. We live for Fashion! Our in-store stylists offer personalized service and can help you build your wardrobe or inject some of the season's latest looks. 

Our buyers are shopping for you every day; they source the latest trends and are on the pulse of what's cool and which celebrity style to look for.

With new product shipped to our stores every day, we get the newest trends to you fast! 

We've got a very special raffle prize for one lucky fashionista!

Along with a $50.00 gift certificate, you will receive a one on one style consult with Desiree St-Denis at Mendocino's gorgeous M Boutique Queen West location.

You definitely don't want to miss out on this one, so grab your LambLion fundraiser tickets HERE


**Adjustments have been made to this blog since it's original posting 09/11/16** 



Countdown to our NOT Another TIFF Party Fundraiser

DAY #10 - It's time to get up close and personal with LambLion!!! They will be performing 3 musical sets throughout the evening, so there are lot's of opportunities to get out and see them perform.


Make us your official, 2nd last day of TIFF party! BUT, if we must share you on the 17th, we can be your "pre-party" or "after-party" too!

The funds raised at this event will be going towards the production of LambLion's first music video, a concept that DwT and LambLion have been carefully developing together. They will be performing this coming October at Norfolk County Fair, one of Canada's largest fairs and the perfect setting for their original song "Maria Come".

LambLion is the musical duo that is Oliver Pigott and Danka Scepanovic. Their voices have been described as “familiar yet impossible to place; intimate and lyrically esoteric with an intoxicating chemistry.” Somewhere between old world class and 70's soul, LambLion exudes a majesty all their own. 

These exciting singer/songwriters are ready to bring their music to film and to share their stories in a new way. Here is a little preview of the song, "Maria Come" that will be the star of the music video.

NOW FOR THE GOODS... Oliver & Danka have created a custom raffle prize for the fundraiser. 

You can WIN a live Jam Session with Oliver & Danka from LambLion - Worth $350!!!
Join LambLion for your very own personalized jam!  Over the course of a 1.5 hour session, Oliver and Danka will jam with you on your favourite tunes.  You are welcome to bring your instrument of choice or your voice! Also, if you have any original songs you are working on, you can bring them to the session and workshop them with Oliver and Danka!  You will be provided with a mp3 recording of your session.  

Come celebrate TIFF with LambLion. Know that your donation is helping this incredibly captivating duo take a huge step in building their brand. And who knows, you just might walk away with an awesome prize (or two) Grab your tickets NOW!

Keep in touch with LambLion on Twitter - TheLambLionBand and Facebook - LambLion





Countdown to our NOT another TIFF Party Fundraiser

DAY #9 - Eeeeeeep!!!! I can't believe we're passed the halfway point! Now seems like the perfect time to talk about a SUPER IMPORTANT aspect of any party... TREATS!

FIRST and foremost, I must mention the absolutely fabulous, insanely talented Marlene Matos-Jones who I also like to refer to as J.Lo (cuz, hello?!)

Marlene and I met about 5 years ago doing promo work (as every working, Canadian, actress does at some point in her career) and I instantly felt like I found a soul sister! I'm not sure how we didn't get fired from every single job that we worked on together, because there was never a moment when we weren't splitting a gut laughing! 

Fast forward to my bridal shower (and then wedding) where not only was Marlene standing up as one of my bridesmaids, but she also managed to make the most gorgeous favours and sweet table cookies I had ever seen. I'm talking like 100's and 100's and 100's of them.

When I didn't think that any one person could be more naturally talented, I find out that she is also an incredible face painter... um, did I mention, she sings, she acts, she is a product specialist for GM, she bakes gorgeous cookies and she's wonder woman on her night's off? 

You can see some of her face painting here and you can hire her here!

SO, back to the point! In addition to cupcakes (made by me) and a candy table, Marlene will be making custom cookies for our event!

The custom event cookies won't be revealed until the big night, but here is just a taste of what she's got in store. 

Is your mouth watering yet???

Grab your event tickets HERE

And connect with Marlene on Instagram - MasqueradingMarlene



Countdown to our NOT Another TIFF Party Fundraiser

DAY #8 - I can't wait to jump into this post because I cannot say enough great things about Joanna Haughton! On top of being a stunning actor, she is an incredibly successful fashion blogger, whose ModaMama blog I have drawn from many times for my own personal fashion inspiration. With her experience and expertise in front of the camera, came a natural ease behind the lens... and this is what I'm excited to talk about today!

Joanna's fun personality, mixed with her attention to detail make shooting with her an incredibly unique experience. Because of her work as an actor and model, her ability to bring out that "special something" in her clients is what sets her work apart from what you see in a typical headshot.

I've personally had the pleasure of shooting with Jo twice, and each time I was left struggling to pick my favourites from the range of shots she was able to capture for me. Here is what some of her clients had to say about their experiences working with Jo.

Jo offers a wide range of services for artists... everything ranging from head shots, editorial and branding photography, boudoir portraits, behind the scenes photography, set stills, promotional shots and everything in between. If you can't find a service, drop her an email and she will find a way to make your vision come to life.

If you're looking to nail that perfect look, or if you want to play with something more editorial and brand specific then you're in luck! Jo has donated a mini - headshot session for our raffle table!

To make sure that you don't miss out on the chance to collaborate with Jo for FREE make sure to pop in and get your name in the draw!

Tickets for the LambLion Fundraiser are available HERE!

Stay connected with Jo:

Twitter - @JoannaHaughton

Instagram - JoannaHaughton  & photo_by_joh