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Wow!!! What an incredible weekend! 

Thank you SO MUCH to all of the amazing people who came out to join us for our 1st NOT Another TIFF Party Fundraiser! We had a wonderful night celebrating LambLion's music with you all and we can't wait to keep you updated on our journey shooting their "Maria Come" music video next month.

And now to announce the winners of the evening:

The winner of DEELEN with TROUBLE's Demo Reel - #186613 Gwyn Jones

The winner of the JAM Session with LambLion - #186634 Taylor Lavigne

The winner of the Mini-Headshot Session with Jessica Rose Photography - #186631 Danny Parkes

The winner of the 5 Class Dance Card at Metro Movement - #186623 Caroline Sawyer

The winner of the Pink Bath & Body Works Gift Pack - #186628 Andra Gray

The winner of the Blue Bath & Body Works Gift Pack - #186638 Sara Price

The winner of the Oracle Reading at Roots for Wings Healing - #186627 Amanda Jane Smith

The winner of the Flex & Smash Fitness Package - #186624 Jess Rose

The winner of the Reiki or IET Session at Robin's Healing Nest - #186632 Sophie Ann Rooney

The winner of the Mini Headshot Session with Photo by JoH - #186622 Franck Fon

The winner of the $50 Shop_M Boutique Giftcard & Style Consult - #186635 Tyler McMaster

The winner of the Second City Tickets - #186620 Jemma Robinson

The winner of the Avoca Chocolate Shoe - #186619 Scarlett Larry

The winner of the $25 Giftcard to Rainbow Cinemas - #186604

The winner of the handmade necklace with blue/gold beads - #186613  Marlene Matos Jones

The winner of the handmade necklace with purple/gold beads - #186603 Marija Bozic

The winner of the Yoga Package with Studio Blue - #186618 Judith Nichols

The winner of the Personally DJ'd Party with DJ D-Rock - #186602 Biljana Scepanovic 

The winner(s) of the Smokin Beaver Winery social media contest  - Sam Hachey & Kelsey Wilmmott


AND THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER of Sophie Ann Rooney's 6 week Thursday Scene Study Class was.... 0027767 

If you were the lucky winner of this grand prize, please send us an email at with a photo of your ticket stub and we will post the winnner's name soon!


Thank you again to our amazing sponsor's and everyone who donated to our raffle table. We can't wait to see what next year's NOT Another TIFF Party will look like!










Countdown to our NOT another TIFF Party Fundraiser

DAY #2 - we've only just begun!

The next prize up for grabs is something that each and every creative could use, whether it's to freshen up your headshot portfolio, to rebuild your brand or to get creative with some editorial shots. You guessed it, our next prize is a mini headshot session with the incredibly talented Jessica Rose!

Taking from her acting experience in front of the camera, Jessica is able to connect with and bring out the unique essence of each of her clients from behind the lens. Her gentle, warm nature creates a safe environment for her clients to let go, allowing her to capture their true vulnerability. Her photos stand out from the average head shots, taking you on a journey and telling a story through the artist's eyes. 

With a passion for working with natural light, she currently prefers to work outdoors. Her sharp eye for flattering, unique backdrops and environments to shoot in, assure that no one headshot looks the same as another. Click here for more information on rates and availability. Acting students should inquire about special student rates.

Below is just a small sample of her work, but be sure to check out her website for her full headshot portfolio and to get a glimpse into her editorial shots.

To win the chance to work with Jessica and nail that perfect shot, be sure to attend the LambLion fundraiser and visit our raffle table. Get your tickets to this exciting event here.

To keep up with Jess, be sure to follow her:

Twitter - @thejessrose  

Instagram - photosbyjrose 

Facebook - Jessica Rose Photography