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Journey Down the Rabbit Hole - Meet Nathan Taylor

Rabbit Hole is Nathan's introduction to the Toronto theatre scene! He is proud to share that he was the recipient of Sophie Ann Rooney's RAW studio scholarship for 2017 and is incredibly excited to fine tune his acting technique and push his artist to new limits while immersed in classes at RAW.

You can find Nathan behind the lens snapping photos at some of Toronto's top industry events so be sure to check out some of his amazing photography featured on his Instagram page. Nathan recently became an ACTRA Apprentice after booking an OSPA commercial, so keep an eye out for Nathan on your T.V screen. Past TV credits include “Motive and Murders” on DiscoveryID. 


Exclusive Interview with Nathan who plays Jason.

1. What drew you to this story?

What draws me to the story of Rabbit Hole is the amount of truth that can be told within it, from the perspective of a family losing a child at a young age. It's heart wrenching material, a story that makes people feel uncomfortable but should be known and expressed because the world isn't perfect.

2. Tell me a little bit about your character.

My character is Jason Willete, a teenager about to leave his family to go off to college. He loves science and has good friends at school who care about him. A determined and caring person. 

3. How are you similar/ different to your character?

I'm similar to Jason in the way, I've been through high school, I've got good friends, I love science like him, and I care about other peoples feelings over my own, even in dire situations.

4. What has been the biggest challenge so far tackling the subject matter involved in the play?

Rabbit Hole is an important story to tell because in the world we live in now, people are told to forget about their past more often and focus on the future, but this story shows the past shapes our futures. As a family and as people, events that have happened within our lives are never forgotten, they always leave a mark that doesn't just fade away like people expect. This story shows, the time will pass but the hurt never disappears. 

5. Do you have a favourite rehearsal memory yet?

The first time reading through the play, Lindsey thought I was 15 because I put on my younger voice while reading. That was funny. Plus the food was good and we drank wine afterwards.

You can follow Nathan on Instagram HERE

To order advanced tickets (at a discounted price) check out Rabbit Hole's Eventbrite page!!!  There are 17 performances to choose from. 

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See you at the theatre!