We absolutely LOVE getting the chance to collaborate with other incredible production companies! Below are 2 proof of concept commercials from The Mind Refinery that we got the chance to help co-produce.

Be sure to check out their website here: http://www.themindrefinery.com

P.O.C commercial series that we had the pleasure of co-producing with The Mind Refinery

Written by: Kyle Bodanis Directed by: Jon Neal 

P.O.C commercial series that we had the pleasure of co-producing with The Mind Refinery.

Written by: Kyle Bodanis Directed by Jon Neal 

DwT's 1st theatre live theatre production, Rabbit Hole was an incredible success. Selling out in it's last 2 weeks, we couldn't have been more proud of this show. We were also proud to be bale to donate $575 to Bereaved Families of Ontario.

Special thanks to Rosemary Doyle of the Red Sandcastle theatre for all of her above and beyond support. 

Check out our review by Mooney on Theatre HERE!

Another DwT 1st! Watch our music video for Indie Toronto band Lamblion.

Directed by: Michael T Burgess

Special thanks to the Norfolk County Fair & Horse Show for their incredible support.

It’s not what you criticize that leaves a lasting impression, it’s what you create that can live forever.
— Kevin Smith, Director
Andie, our firecracker heroine, suffers though the roller-coaster Manhattan dating scene. Three blind dates provide ample opportunity for love and chaos. Will Andie find the man of her dreams or will she end up knitting herself into becoming a crazy-old cat lady?


GIRL MEETS BOY - The web-initiative to get ACTRA members and those who follow @ACTRANat on Twitter to get out and vote for the October 2016 Canadian election. ACTRA commissioned Deelen with Trouble to produce this PSA. Written by Clara Pasieka and Directed by Kyle Bodanis of The Mind Refinery.